Cildo Miereles, Missão/Missões [How to Build Cathedrals]The Blanton’s Director of Development, Sarah Young, shares her thoughts on how the museum can be a life-long source of inspiration

People often ask me if working in a museum is as fun as it seems, and it is. Museums are ever-changing environments, filled with inspiring objects and people. They have an uncanny ability to bring a dose of creativity to each visitor who walks through the doors. I bet that being a fundraiser doesn’t sound very fun to most people, but at The Blanton, it is not only enjoyable, but also extremely rewarding.

Of the nearly 48 years since The Blanton’s founding, I have worked here for almost a decade. It has been my pleasure to visit with donors, members, docents, visitors, artists, and curators —almost any type of person you can imagine who has something to do with the visual arts. Over the years, I have met one of my most favorite artists (Luis Jimenez), a few famous folks, and several Texas legends. But mainly I get to spend time sharing the story of The Blanton, ensuring that everyone knows that the museum continues to be a vibrant and inspiring place thanks to the generous support of people like you. Think about the last time you were moved by a work of art or learned something new during a visit to a museum. Imagine helping make that experience possible for your friends and neighbors in Austin, for K-12 students from throughout Central Texas, and for University of Texas students from across the nation. Art has the power to inspire each of us as individuals, and at the same time, brings us together as a community.

Your support makes a difference, no matter the amount, for each person who comes through The Blanton’s doors. I hope that you will consider a gift to the museum. It’s easy to do by clicking on the “Support The Blanton” button at I also hope that you have the opportunity to visit the museum soon to see for yourself the difference you make!

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