The Latest at the Blanton

The first encounter visitors have with Blanton exhibitions often occurs well before our shows even open. For each exhibition, a look or “graphic identity” is developed to help set the tone of what visitors will find in the galleries. Used on our website, on signage on the side of our building and around Austin, in…


Austin’s Cats and Dogs

June 23, 2014 | Blanton Museum of Art

As part of our new exhibition, In the Company of Cats and Dogs, we invited Austinites to submit photos of their kitties and pooches to be included in a slideshow alongside the works of art in the exhibit. The response has been incredible, with over 150 submissions to date, underscoring how animal-friendly Austin is! Although…


Composer and musician Peter Stopschinski is the current curator of Beat the Rush, the Blanton’s innovative monthly music series held as part of Third Thursday programming. In a recent interview with Adam Bennett, the museum’s manager of public programs, Peter discussed his ideas for the series and his interests in art and music: Q: What…


Francesca Consagra on In the Company of Cats and Dogs

June 16, 2014 | Blanton Museum of Art

To introduce our new exhibition,  In the Company of Cats and Dogs, curator Francesca Consagra shares a preview of the show and what visitors can expect to encounter. This week, our exhibition In the Company of Cats and Dogs opens and it provides a wonderful opportunity: the enjoyment of looking at amazing works of art…