School Programs

School and Teacher Programs

The Blanton provides guided visits for Pre-K–12 students that address different learning modalities through engaging conversation, collaborative investigation, and thoughtfully planned gallery activities. Gallery lessons encourage students to draw connections between their lives and the world around them so they can become more empathetic citizens. Guided visits encourage students to construct interpretations about objects of art and develop skills in critical thinking and language. Lessons at the Blanton are designed to support TEKS objectives and focus on between four and six works of art. They reinforce classroom objectives and promote arts integration across the curriculum. WorkLAB Studio Sessions complement time in the galleries and may be booked at the time you schedule your tour online. The Blanton is also proud to support English Language Learners through its Bilingual co-teaching model. To learn more, scroll down to the Bilingual Co-Teaching section.

Schools that demonstrate financial need may be eligible for the Art Access program, which seeks to increase Pre-K–12 student access to the museum by offering funding for transportation and guided visit fees on a first-come, first-served basis. To learn more about this opportunity, email

Admission for educators is always free when you show your school ID.
Educator Membership: Educators receive a discount of $10 on any level of membership (must provide name of school affiliation)
To become a member, visit our membership page.

Click here to see the 2016 - 2017 School Programs Brochure.


  • The Blanton can accommodate up to 75 gallery teacher-led students per hour. Larger groups may be scheduled for back-to-back guided visits.
  • Guided visits will discuss between four and six works of art.
  • Guided visits are scheduled on the hour.
  • Guided visits are 50 minutes long and may be available Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Teachers may elect to bring their students on a self-guided visit.
  • Self-guided visits are subject to space availability. The Blanton does not offer self-guided visits during the month of May.
  • A gallery teacher must lead Pre-K–3rd graders.
  • Both guided visits and self-guided visits are $2 per student, including on Thursdays.
  • Pre-K–12 groups must bring one adult chaperone for every eight students. Chaperones must stay with the group.
  • Required chaperones and teachers accompanying school groups are free. Additional adults pay the regular admission price of $9.
  • To schedule a visit, please fill out our online form at least three weeks in advance.

Preparing for Your Visit

  • Review the museum guidelines included in your visit confirmation and share all information with your students and chaperones.
  • Museum rules: Please share these rules with your class before visiting, so everyone can have an enjoyable experience. Oprimas aquí para versión en español.
  • Inform students that they will look closely at 4-6 objects during their visit.
  • Box lunches for school groups can be ordered through the café a minimum of four business days in advance. Contact the Blanton Café to place an order.
  • Inclement weather policy: Please review our policy prior to your visit.
Image of student viewing a work of art

Single Visits

Visitas Guiadas

El Blanton ofrece visitas guiadas en español. Favor de preguntar por un guía bilingue cuando se hace su visita.

Tales and Trails / Cuentos y Caminos

[Registration for Spring 2017 is full. We continue to accept applications for a wait-list.] Combining social and emotional learning with literacy skills for students in pre-K through first grade, this program has three core components: a pre-visit lesson to accompany a book provided by the Blanton, a museum visit, and post-visit family extensions. Curriculum components are available in Spanish. Recommended program length is 40 minutes. Download the Tales and Trails curriculum by clicking here.

Art Trek

First time visitors will boldly go through the Blanton’s diverse collection, traversing time and space. Recommended for all grades as an introduction to considering art and ideas.


Bridging life and learning between high school and college, participating high school juniors and seniors will receive customized experiences, designed by Blanton educators in close collaboration with their teachers, that meet both current learning goals and long-term objectives for success. Recommended program length is 2 hours.

Collection Areas and Special Exhibitions

Select one collection area or choose up to 2 for a visit that develops a conversation across geographic regions, epochs, artistic styles, and themes. Collection area and special exhibition guided visits are recommended for grades 2–12.

  • European:
    Travel back in time to sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century Europe. Students will investigate the people, places, and culture of that epoch by looking closely at works of art. Download content found on iPads in the Blanton’s galleries here.
  • America/Americas:
    Engage your students in modern works by artists from North, Central, and South America. Formal and stylistic qualities of the objects might be discussed as well as their historical and cultural context.
  • Modern and Contemporary:
    What topics are artists interested in? What materials do artists use to make art? How can students learn to think more like artists? These questions and others will be examined, along with modern and contemporary objects. Download content found on iPads in the Blanton’s galleries here.
  • Art of Ancient Greece and Rome:
    What can we learn about ancient Greek costume, architecture, and mythology by looking at an oil container? What can we learn about the enduring relevance of Greek and Roman art from nineteenth-century plaster casts? This visit will offer fascinating facts and ask students to form opinions. Download content found on iPads in the Blanton’s galleries here.

Multi-Visit Programs (MVPs)

The Blanton’s Multi-Visit Programs (MVPs) are available to grades 2-12. Each program consists of three sequential gallery lessons and gallery activities. All lessons support TEKS objectives and English Language Proficiency Standards. Teachers will be provided pre- and post-visit lessons to complete in class. No application required. Click here for detailed MVP descriptions. If you are interested in scheduling an MVP with the Blanton, please contact the Tour Scheduler at

Art Odyssey

Does an individual’s perception of art objects change through the application of different strategies? Develop an understanding of the methods artists use to make meaning through the close examination of formal, symbolic, and narrative qualities. Students construct and articulate their perceptions of art and the world around them. Art Odyssey Curriculum

Art and Feelings

Responsibility, respect, safety, self, collaboration- works of art from the Blanton’s collection will evoke empathy and inspire thoughtful conversation about social emotional learning (SEL). Topics for guided visits include relationship skills, self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making. Students examine objects that demonstrate these concepts, extrapolate interpretations, and consider artists from the past and present that grapple with ideas relevant to the students’ daily lives. Art and Feelings Curriculum

Inquiring Minds

Look at art through the lens of science! With the Blanton as their laboratory for learning, students experiment, problem-solve, hypothesize, and derive conclusions while developing critical thinking and visual literacy skills transferable to all curricular areas. Inquiring Minds Curriculum

Artists and Society

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Consider the role artists have played in describing and shaping their society, and how this tradition continues today. Aspiring artists may discover their own voice while all students will develop an appreciation for the powerful impact of art throughout the world. Artists and Society Curriculum

Between the Lines

A picture, or a sculpture, is worth a thousand words. Draw connections between the visual language of art and the power of the written word while experiencing the Blanton’s diverse collection. Students uncover multiple meanings, discover new perspectives, and create rich narratives through the shared creative experience of art and language. Between the Lines Curriculum

Bilingual Co-Teaching

The Blanton is collaborating with UT's Department of Curriculum and Instruction to deliver bilingual gallery lessons in both Spanish and English. Dual language schools are encouraged to apply. Click here to learn more about this exciting initiative. 

For information about School and Teacher Programs contact: Andrea Saenz Williams at or 512.471.4523

Support for K-12 education programs at the Blanton is provided by the Applied Materials Foundation, the Buena Vista Foundation, the CFP Foundation, the Susan Mayer Art Enrichment Endowment, the Kinder Morgan Foundation, and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

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Additional support is provided by The Brown Foundation, Inc. Education Endowment and the Burdine Johnson Foundation Education Endowment.