Another Letter

Ñ is a mighty letter in the Spanish alphabet. Although it exists in some other languages like Filipino and Breton, Ñ is nearly synonymous with Spanish. Without it, we wouldn’t have señores or señoras, compañeros, sueños, años, or mañana. We wouldn’t even have Español.

Leandro Katz’s artist book is an unabashed celebration of the Ñ, with seven vibrantly colored prints of the letter, enlarged to fill the entire page. With triumphant tildes, the Ñ’s vibrate in yellow, orange, red, violet—proclaiming a poetic affirmation of the Spanish language.

The book also includes dictionary entries of all the words in Spanish that begin with ‘ñ.’ Many of these words were adopted into Spanish from indigenous languages in Latin America, highlighting how those sounds made their way into Spanish as we know it.

Ñ features prominently in the new exhibition Words/Matter: Latin American Art and Language at the Blanton. We invite you to explore it today. Or mañana.