The Latest at the Blanton

Jorge Macchi: The Anatomy of Melancholy

June 23, 2016 | Blanton Museum of Art

December 15 – March 16, 2008
Macchi, who created Argentina’s pavilion at the 2005 Venice Bienale, produces work that is characterized by drawing poetic potential from everyday situations and materials. His artwork explores the intersection of presence and absence in structures such as music, maps, and language.

Workspace: Paul Ramirez Jonas

June 23, 2016 | Blanton Museum of Art

November 3 – February 3, 2008
The New York–based, Honduran/American, artist Paul Ramirez Jonas investigates failed utopia and the brief moments in history when believed success alters the interpretation of the concept of progress. For this WorkSpace at the Blanton, Ramirez Jonas will draw on the words of famous Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges using the following sentence as a point of departure: “El acto de leer es más creativo que el de escribir,” (The act of reading is more creative than that of writing). The installation will bridge a conceptual study of the taxonomic relation between the written language and what holds it (be it books, tablets, or pedestals), along with the performative qualities of texts that address notions of history as a fiction and reality. For Ramirez Jonas, the public takes on a pivotal roll in the construction of meaning of the ideas he presents through his work. For example, one of the components of the installation is a lectern with a microphone and speaker where an engraved clay tablet rests with the oath, “Do you solemnly swear that you will consider all the evidence in this case, follow the instructions given to you, deliberate fairly and impartially and reach a fair verdict? So help you God.” Here the audience is invited to activate the project by reading out loud the presented text and thus setting in motion Borges’ words, as the act of reading a single text will indeed invite different interpretations that can awaken our imagination and create new meaning.
September 11 – December 30, 2007
The first major retrospective of internationally renowned performance/video/installation artist Michael Smith and his New York-based collaborator, director/artist Joshua White. This extraordinary exhibition features some 30 years of videos, installation environments, and other performance-related materials detailing the adventures of “Mike,” a sweet but hapless Everyman character created by Smith, and his hilariously awkward and ineffectual search for a piece of the American Dream.


June 23, 2016 | Blanton Museum of Art

September 11 – November 18, 2007
Transactions focuses on artists who have adopted a radical approach to artistic production and distribution. In addition to showing at galleries and museums, these artists also operate within the public sphere, creating work for sites associated not with art, but with everyday life. Here viewers will see art originally made for newspapers and magazines, sculptures that are being sold over the Internet, hand-sewn articles of clothing that were surreptitiously dropped into retail stores, and zero-value currency created in unlimited editions and given away for free, among other provocative projects.