The Latest at the Blanton

A man looks up at a photograph from the 1950s of a Black-owned shop in Harlem.

The notion of supporting locally-owned businesses operated by people of color is not a new conversation. For more than a century, the commitment to amplify Black-owned businesses has continued to grow, and within our current exhibition, Black Is Beautiful: The Photography of Kwame Brathwaite, you’ll notice a section dedicated to the subject. In Think Black,…


Two parallels walls with projected images of three women wearing bejewelled suits, holding clutch persons. They all have their arms outstretched.

Suzanne Bocanegra: Valley opened at the Blanton on June 27, 2021 and will be on view until September 19, 2021. This immersive video installation presents eight women artists reenacting Judy Garland’s wardrobe test from her doomed casting in the 1967 cult film Valley of the Dolls. Bocanegra selected these women because their creative practices encompass…


A toddler girl looking up and pointing at a long horizontal print of the USA flag hanging on the wall.

Sometimes art can appear, at first glance, rather obvious. Such is the case with Vito Acconci’s Wav(er)ing Flag (1990), a twelve-foot long series of six lithographic prints. Together, the sheets depict the flag of the United States of America, elongated and billowing, with the Pledge of Allegiance inserted as if the flag’s stripes were the ruled…


A woman wearing a mask standing in front of a large abstract artwork

As you enter the first gallery of Expanding Abstraction: Pushing the Boundaries of Painting in the Americas, 1958–1983 titled “Emphatic Gestures,” the first painting you encounter across the room is the largest work in the show and one of the most striking. One of the newest additions to the museum’s collection and making its debut…