PK-12 Digital Resources

During the temporary pause in the Blanton Museum of Art’s gallery teaching program, the education team has designed a robust program of digital content, outlined below. Each lesson will feature works of art from the museum’s permanent collection. All lessons are designed both for asynchronous learning and to stimulate classroom conversation; many lessons can be broken down into smaller units for greater flexibility.

-SEL (Social-Emotional Learning): In this series of 5-minute videos each featuring one work of art, students are invited to look closely and make connections to lived experience. Videos are designed to stimulate discussion in a group or to be used by individual students asynchronously. Reflection—and writing skills—are encouraged by prompts in the downloadable Journal (PDF format).

-#ArtWhereYouAreStudio: Each instructional art-making video in this series is inspired by one work in the Blanton’s permanent collection. The simple studio activities invite diverse creative responses using basic, inexpensive materials.

-Doing Social Justice: Formatted as downloadable PDFs, these instructional guides are the result of an ongoing collaboration with educators from the Austin Independent School District and the Anti-Defamation League. They each feature one work of art from the Blanton, discussion questions, and activities designed to engage young people with issues of community, identity, and voice.

-STEAM: This series will explore how both art making and art interpretation involve pursuing questions, solving problems, and other skills that are also needed in science, technology, engineering, and math.

A woman presenting an art activity while sitting in a kitchen setting.

Museum educator Monique O’Neil introduces an art activity inspired by the work of artist Tania Bruguera.

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    Both making art and interpretation involve pursuing questions, solving problems, and other skills needed in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Generous support for School Programs at the Blanton is provided by The Brown Foundation, Inc. Education Endowment, with additional support provided by the Buena Vista Foundation, the Burdine Johnson Foundation Education Endowment, the CFP Foundation, the Lowe Foundation, the Meinig Family Foundation, and the Susan Mayer Art Enrichment Endowment.