February 16, 2008 – May 25, 2008

Please explore the featured sites below, as well as the additional links to other post-Katrina projects, proposals, and resources.

Artists’ Projects featured in WorkSpace: In Katrina’s Wake:


(Waiting for Godot in New Orleans, Paul Chan, 2007)


Floodwall, Jana Napoli and Rondell Crier, 2005–present)


(The VESTIGES Project/New Orleans Memory Project, Jan Gilbert, 1984–present)


pAshé Cultural Arts Center, Carol Bebelle and Douglas Redd, 1998–present)


p(Transforma Projects, New Orleans, Resource Team: Jessica Cusick, Sam Durant, Rick Lowe, Robert Ruello, MK Wegmann, 2006–present)

Further, recommended browsing:

Stories, archives, and other projects:

Planning and architecture proposals:

Local NOLA Resources: