Among the many benefits that The Blanton offers UT students (like free admission), each semester we provide interns and graduate assistants opportunities to join our staff to get some real-world experience under their belts. It’s one of the ways The Blanton and The University of Texas at Austin complement each other — by providing learning opportunities for future leaders and innovators. Several of our recent interns and assistants, all new 2012 UT graduates, share some of the ways that The Blanton serves students and strengthens their career prospects.

Bettie and Claire

Bettie (left) and Claire (right)

Bettie Gonzales
Public Relations Intern
B.S. in Communications, B.A. in Spanish

My time as the PR intern at The Blanton has been so great. I learned so much and got to do work that was not only fun, but related to what I want to do after I graduate. I met great people who really love The Blanton, who want UT students to know what a great resource it is, and how lucky we are, as students, to have an art museum that is available to us all the time. I was so proud be an intern for The Blanton and to get other students excited about it too.

Claire Howard
Graduate Research Assistant, Curatorial Administrative Assistant
Master’s in Art History, pursuing her Ph.D. this fall

My work at The Blanton has been an important complement to my graduate studies in art history. I plan to continue museum work after school, and interning at The Blanton not only provided me with professional experience while I pursued my master’s degree, but also facilitated contact with objects and artists that have broadened my thinking about the history of art. Through my research on the artworks given to The Blanton by the Vogel Collection, I learned about a wide range of artists—well known and less-well known—working in New York in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, and I’ve even gotten to work on my public presentation skills by giving gallery talks on a variety of topics including the American West and the Hudson River School. The Blanton presents UT students with on-campus cultural events and encounters with artworks they may study in class; similarly, The Blanton’s internship program offers practical experience and exposure to a variety of career paths to students interested in working with art.

Andrea and Katy

Andrea (left) and Katy (right)

Andrea Morgan
School and Family Programs Graduate Assistant
Master’s in Art Education

During my appointment in the position of School and Family Programs Graduate Assistant, I have been an integral part of many events at The Blanton such as Austin Museum Day, Girl Scout Day, Holiday Family Days, and Explore UT. This internship opportunity has been valuable to me in many ways. First, I have learned the value of teamwork, not only within the education department but also throughout the entire museum. Second, I have benefited from the experience of others who have been in this field longer than myself. I believe that one of the best ways to learn is from a mentor, which I have been lucky to have here at The Blanton. Finally, this internship has allowed me to put into practice the museum education theory I have learned in graduate school. This internship has given me the real world experience that cannot be had in the classroom. As I leave The Blanton, I know that all of these things have prepared me for my position, as of June 4, as the new Docent Programs Coordinator at The Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan.

Katy Wilson
Public Programs Intern
Master’s in Art Education

I started interning at The Blanton during my first semester of grad school at UT. It is hard to believe it has been two years already. This internship has proved to be a great learning experience. I had the flexibility to facilitate established programs, such as the collaborations with the Butler School of Music, as well as to develop my own. One of my favorites was the Art on Tap event we had this spring, where I worked with a local chef and sommelier to create a menu inspired by our Go West! exhibition. My experience working in Public Programs has been invaluable and helped to further my career opportunities now that I am looking into getting a “real job” after graduation. In addition to my time spent working here, my graduate coursework often brought me to The Blanton for projects and papers. The museum served as a valuable resource for me as a UT student. Now that I have my master’s in art education, I hope to find a position doing educational programming or event planning for an arts or nonprofit organization. Until then, I’ll be enjoying summertime in Austin.

Learn more about Blanton internships on our website. And check back later for details about fall semester opportunities.

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