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Watch this film in the Blanton’s
auditorium on July 19 at 6 p.m.

As a 20-something early in my career, art collecting hasn’t been a pursuit I’ve been able to afford … yet. But nothing has inspired me more to collect art (and budget for it) than Herbert and Dorothy Vogel’s story.

With modest means (Herb was a postal worker, Dorothy a librarian), this now famous couple built a world-class, remarkable art collection made up of thousands of artworks. After decades of collecting, the couple very generously donated 2,500 works to public institutions nationwide. The Blanton is a happy recipient of works from the Vogel Collection.

Since the Blanton opened The Collecting Impulse: Fifty Works from Dorothy and Herbert Vogel last month, we’ve dedicated a wall in the gallery to project the award-winning 2008 documentary “Herb & Dorothy,” which runs on a loop. And if you’ve visited the museum recently, you’ve probably seen snippets of this film.

Group watching Herb & Dorothy at the Blanton

A tour group takes a break to watch “Herb & Dorothy” at the Blanton.

On July 19 at 6 p.m., we’re inviting Vogel fans, curious collectors and the public to a special screening of the “Herb & Dorothy” documentary in the Blanton’s large auditorium (comfy seats included) — for free as part of our Third Thursday lineup of activities.

I hope you’ll visit the Blanton soon to see The Collecting Impulse, watch the documentary and feel inspired to start an art collection of your own.

Samantha Youngblood, the Blanton’s manager of PR and marketing

Here’s the “Herb & Dorothy” trailer:

And here’s a clip from the documentary for all the cat lovers out there:

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