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The Blanton’s new look debuts this month with new signs, ads, and more!

Spring has always been a time of renewal and rebirth and this month Austinites will notice many exciting new things at the Blanton. From our celebrated exhibition, Through the Eyes of Texas, to Fifty Fest, our April 27 community festival, things are happening at the museum!

Research participants

Two years of research (including
workshops like what’s pictured above)
went into the development of new
programming and a fresh new
graphic identity for the Blanton.

Long recognized for programming that caters to many different backgrounds and interests, the Blanton has been an anchor in Austin’s cultural community for fifty years. And while we look forward to the next fifty, the times they are a changin’, and we are changing with them. We remain committed to addressing the evolving needs of our visitors and members—including K-12 and university students, artists, families, and adults in all stages of life—and have spent the past two years conducting research to develop exceptional new programming and a fresh new graphic identity. Enlisting the help of the internationally recognized research firm Lord Cultural Resources—these guys have worked with the Brooklyn Museum, the Library of Congress and even the Centre Pompidou in Paris—we spoke with over 300 community members, arts administrators and other constituents to hear, firsthand, impressions of our programs and to gather feedback on how to make them better. We were pleased to learn that there are lots of things we are getting right, but the Blanton has never been a place that rests on its laurels.

This spring, in conjunction with our milestone 50th anniversary, the museum is rolling out our new look. Our striking new identity will soon appear in print, web, and billboard ads across Austin, so be on the lookout.

Before and after logos

Even more exciting are the innovative new programs we have recently launched, including:

  • Screenings at the Blantona series that features film screenings on art and artists followed by discussions with prominent filmmakers, art historians and other scholars
  • Art Gazes and Art Glimpses—tours that offer a slow and thoughtful approach to looking at art and a quick-fire examination of artworks, respectively
  • Beat the Rusha series of mini-concerts in the galleries that offers visitors a chance to wind down after work before jumping in to their commute home

We are planning some fantastic exhibitions, too. Our next season is in the works and we’re eager to share art from our diverse permanent collection as well as objects like nothing our visitors have seen in this city before—pushing our patrons to see beyond their world. These new programs and exhibitions underscore the many ways the Blanton serves as an inspiring and welcoming site for creativity and transformation.

This is an exciting time at the museum. With more to offer than ever before, we look forward to providing thought provoking, personally moving, and visually arresting experiences with art to each person who walks through our doors. We hope to see you soon!

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  1. This is an exciting new direction for the Blanton, and I'm especially happy about the feature film screenings. With the demise of the Austin Museum of Art, Austin definitely needs the Blanton to take charge, and be a leader in the arts.Tillie PolicastroPurveyor of Parasols

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