At the beginning of our exhibition, In the Company of Cats and Dogs, we invited Austinites to submit photos of their kitties and pooches to be included in a slideshow alongside the works of art in the exhibit. The response was incredible, with over 450 submissions, underscoring how animal-friendly Austin is! Although we couldn’t include stories of the animals on the slideshow, we wanted to highlight a few that were submitted. Having already spotlighted some of Austin’s dogs, this installment focuses on two special cats in the Austin community, as described by their owners.


In my experience, orange male cats have always been the sweetest cats. They love to cuddle and I had always dreamed of adopting one, but my finicky older cat, Pipoca, always kept me from going for it. One day, I saw a little kitten tumble into the street (out of a car?) and I immediately adopted her and took her home. Tenten, the new kitten, was so sweet, and although Pipoca was annoyed with her, they were able to coexist, which gave me hope to add an orange kitten to our family.

Months later, still kitten obsessed, my boyfriend at the time, Jonny, took me to the animal shelter to “just look” and I fell in love with this tiny, 8 week old orange male kitten. The kitten was a little sick and underweight, and the counselor almost didn’t let us take him home that day, but we promised we would take good care of him.

While waiting for our adoption paperwork to be wrapped up we were thinking of names, and Jonny suggested Novio, which means boyfriend/fiance in Spanish. I agreed that it was a great name and that I wouldn’t mind calling my orange male dream cat mi Novio. We brought Novio home and Jonny started setting up a room for him to begin acclimating to a new home.

Next thing I know, Jonny is on his knee and presents to me Novio and asks me to marry him. Novio was carrying the engagement ring on his collar! I said yes.

A few months later, Jonny and I got married and now I feel like the luckiest woman to have gained a husband and kept my boyfriend!
– Juliana Castillo, Southeast Austin


In May 2011 Peeks was about 4 weeks old when a friend of mine, Barbara (who has 2 cats), was on the 183N feeder at the Oak Knoll light behind an SUV. When the light turned green, she noticed a tiny kitten that fell off the top of the SUV in front of her! She came to a dead stop right over the kitten that was scrambling underneath the car behind her, crawling up into the wheel well. Barbara got out of her car to look for the kitten but couldn’t see her. Luckily a homeless man at the corner was watching the whole thing and ran to the car, grabbed the kitten from the wheel well and gave it to Barbara. Barbara immediately called me because I had recently lost a cat about six months prior. She brought over this tiny, scared kitten and I was hooked.

About two years ago I gave Peeks to Stephanie, my daughter who needed a therapy pet after losing a very close friend in an auto accident. I get to visit Peeks often, and see she’s being loved and cared for beyond belief. Stephanie and Peeks are perfect for each other. Peeks is obsessed with hair bands and climbing to high places. Her nickname is hair bandit because no matter where you hide your soft hairbands (the $$ ones that look like elastic ribbons), she’ll find them! She loves to nap at the top of “cat castle” (a six foot tall cat tower). Stephanie is in her final year of college, and Peeks is the perfect roommate for her.

– Sharon Barrett, Hyde Park

In the Company of Cats and Dogs is on view through September 21, 2014.

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