Construction Updates

New Grounds Initiative

New Grounds Initiative
Construction Updates

Latest Updates

Updated November 3, 2022.

The visitor entrance to the museum has changed to accommodate surrounding construction fences around the grounds. The main changes are as follows:

  • Accessing the museum via MLK Jr. Blvd is no longer possible. To get to the museum entrance, you must navigate along Brazos Street and follow the pathway along the north side of the Blanton Museum of Art (BMA) building. Wayfinding signage for pedestrians is posted on site.
  • If parking at Brazos Garage, please exit at the north side near Jester Hall, use the crosswalk, and follow the signage to the museum entrance.
  • Temporary bicycle racks will be located adjacent to the marked pathway to the museum on Brazos Street.
  • Accessible Drop-off: During construction of the museum’s grounds, please call the Visitor Services Desk at 512.471.5482 if you need assistance dropping off a visitor. Detailed directions on how to navigate to our museum entrance can be found on our accessibility & amenities page.
  • Please note Austin is temporarily closed for necessary conservation work. Visit our dedicated online resource at KellyAtTheBlanton.org for updates and to access a range of digital materials.
A map showing an overview of museum grounds.
An overview of the temporary visitor pathway to the museum entrance. Please note that Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin is closed temporarily for conservation work.

Planning and Construction in Surrounding Areas

The University of Texas at Austin and the State of Texas are currently going through a variety of construction projects nearby. Stay updated and see how this may affect your travel plans by clicking on the below links:

The University of Texas at Austin – Construction Advisory

State of Texas Capitol Complex – Project Overview and Master Plan

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