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Managing volunteers at The Blanton is always entertaining, and this past March was particularly fun! On March 4 and 5, volunteers helped with the installation of A Knitted Wonderland – the temporary textile work by Magda Sayeg in the museum’s Faulkner Plaza – and also helped us host Explore UT, the university’s annual open house….


March 14, 2011 by

For the second installment of the new Blanton Blog, assistant curator Risa Puleo reports on her recent whirlwind trip to NYC for “Art Week,” and the sanctuary she found in a new installation by Dario Robleto. Returning to Austin as it amps up for South by Southwest after a week spent in New York during…


Welcome to the new Blanton Blog! Formerly known as “Inside the Box,” our blog has been revamped to provide you with richer and more varied content, and a deeper understanding of what it is we do. Issues pertinent to the art world and to our community right here in Austin will be explored, and we…