Roz – A Video


Roz – A Video

August 20, 2004
December 23, 2004

About the Exhibit

August 20 – December 23, 2004

The Blanton joins Cinematexas in presenting Roz (2004) a work by prominent video artist Burt Barr. Compelling and emotionally fraught, Roz depicts a beautiful young woman (the performer Roz LeBlanc) standing in the shower, water pouring over her head and shoulders. The woman opens her mouth and begins to sing. Instead of her own voice, however, we hear the deep, resonant voice of veteran soul singer Otis Clay. Over the course of the next several minutes, the woman lip-synchs the lyrics to Clay’s recording of the tragic ballad “The Banks of the Ohio,” which tells the tale of a man who murdered the woman he loved. “Roz is a mesmerizing video,” Blanton Assistant Curator Kelly Baum explains. “Like the camera itself, we remain riveted, our attention never wavering from the woman’s face.” In a recent review in the New York Times (July 9, 2004), Ken Johnson called Roz, which is currently being shown at the Brent Sikkema Gallery, “moving” and described it as the only work in the exhibition that “gives you something to feel as well as to think about.” Roz is part of Cinematexas’ ninth international film festival to be held in Austin September 22–26, 2004. The video will run at the Blanton from August 20 to through December 2004.

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