WorkSpace: Pablo Vargas Lugo: Eclipses for Austin


WorkSpace: Pablo Vargas Lugo: Eclipses for Austin

November 14, 2009
February 21, 2010

About the Exhibition

November 14, 2009 – February 21, 2010

Pablo Vargas Lugo
Eclipses for Austin, 2009
Digital video, year 2024: 3 min
Digital video, year 2200: 2:33 min
Digital video, year 2205: 2:42 min
Digital video, year 2343: 3 min
Commissioned by the Blanton Museum of Art in 2009

Pablo Vargas Lugo, Eclipses

Pablo Vargas Lugo’s WorkSpace project, Eclipses for Austin, explores solar eclipses as important collective rituals. Total eclipses of the sun provoke astonishment, anxiety, hope, joy, and fear and compel those who witness them to question their place in the world. For the project, 200 people gathered in the stands of UT‘s Darrel K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium and staged 4 solar eclipses that will occur in Texas over the course of the next 340 years. In a carefully choreographed performance, participants hold up black and white signs in a simulation of each eclipse. Vargas Lugo produced 4 videos-one of each simulated eclipse-and a soundtrack, recorded with musician Eric Peterson, percussionist andM.A. candidate in the Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music at UT, which will be on view at the Blanton

Download the Eclipses for Austin brochure [PDF]

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WorkSpace: Pablo Vargas Lugo: Eclipses for Austin is generously supported by the following members of the Blanton Contemporary Salon.

Contemporary Connoisseur

Melissa Jones and Michael Klein

Contemporary Aficionado

Suzanne and David Booth, Michael Chesser, Chula Reynolds and Sophia Collier, Lora Reynolds and Quincy Lee, and Julie and John Thornton

Contemporary Devotee

Kristin and Steve Belt, Ellen and David Berman, Dan Bullock, Sarah and Ernest Butler, Cissie Ferguson, Jennifer E. Finlay, Minerva Gonzalez, Deborah Green, Margaret Hight and Paul Thompson, Barbara Horan, Amanda and Brad Nelsen, Pamela Quinn, John Robertson, Cheryl and John Sauder, and Anonymous donor

The Blanton offers special thanks to the Athletics Department of The University of Texas at Austin for its assistance in the production of the project.

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