Blanton Together Fund

We Need Art—and You!

✸ Matching Grant Opportunity, May 31 Deadline ✸

On March 13, 2020, due to the coronavirus, we closed the doors to the Blanton. Thankfully, five months later we were able to welcome visitors again, although in a much-reduced capacity.

The cost of the pandemic in human and economic terms has been well-chronicled. But the cultural cost to museums, theaters, and other arts institutions has also been great.

Although we’re a proud part of UT Austin, we’re not immune from financial pressure. UT currently provides about 18% of our annual operating budget, which means we are heavily dependent on visitor admissions and donor contributions to fund our team and program.

But with the doors of the museum closed last year, there were no visitors. And donations were suddenly being weighed against supporting the rapidly increasing needs of medical centers and food banks.

Today, we are open to the public again—but we have seen 80% fewer visitors than in a typical year.

The reality is the Blanton is now facing a unique—and quite pressing—financial challenge. So we have relaunched the Blanton Together Fund and have set a fundraising goal of $50,000 to be met by May 31.

To help spur philanthropic investment, Janet Allen, Chair of the Blanton National Leadership Board, has stepped forward with a $10,000 Matching Grant. This means any donation made today will be doubled, both in its amount and its impact.

Sharing beautiful experiences around works of art is what brings us—and keeps us—together as a community. Thank you for your generosity at this important time.