Ephemera – FAQs

How does this work?

Ephemera works by knowing where your device is while you’re inside the Blanton. As you move around, Ephemera will send short messages to your device that are related to the part of the building you’re in at a given moment. The messages are triggered as you enter new galleries. You will receive messages in some galleries and not in others. The messages will be unique to your current visit–the next time you come back to the Blanton, you’ll receive entirely different messages in entirely different galleries.

Aren’t there buttons to press or anything?

Nah. Once you’ve decided whether you want to think, pause, see, or act, all you need to do is move around the Blanton’s galleries. The app will know where you are and will send you messages when it feels like it.

Are you collecting my personal information?

No. We will recognize your device by its IP number, which helps us to make sure that we don’t send you any messages that you’ve already seen. We do not otherwise collect or store any information about you.

I was hoping this would give me more information about this one painting I like. What’s the deal?

Ephemera is designed to enrich your experience, but it is not an audio guide. If you want more information about works in the Blanton’s galleries, we recommend you check our Art Primers series, which is available at Blantonmuseum.org.

Can I go back and see any of the messages I’ve already received?

Nope! The messages are ephemeral–once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Who writes these messages?

A bunch of hardworking people on the Blanton’s staff got together to write the messages. In a few cases, a message might have been written by a visiting artist, musician, or Dan Rather.