Family Programs

22sep(sep 22)1:00 pm(sep 22)1:00 pmFeaturedAustin Museum Day 2019Free Admission All Day!

Engage & Create


Join us for an array of multi-generational programs that engage children and adults in active exploration of art and the world around them.  Look, talk, and create together this summer while enjoying our guided family tours and drop-in art making.

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Summer Family Programs at the Blanton

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18jun(jun 18)10:15 am(jun 18)10:15 amFeatured3ft Deep

19jun(jun 19)10:00 am(jun 19)10:00 amFeaturedWorkLAB Studio

20jun(jun 20)10:30 am(jun 20)10:30 amFeaturedArtists & Authors

20jun(jun 20)11:30 am(jun 20)11:30 amFollow the Leader for FamiliesExplore the European Collection

21jun(jun 21)10:00 am(jun 21)10:00 amFeaturedDeeper Dives

21jun(jun 21)1:00 pm(jun 21)1:00 pmFeaturedFree-Diving

25jun(jun 25)10:15 am(jun 25)10:15 amFeatured3ft Deep

26jun(jun 26)10:00 am(jun 26)10:00 amFeaturedWorkLAB Studio

27jun(jun 27)10:30 am(jun 27)10:30 amFeaturedArtists & Authors

27jun(jun 27)11:30 am(jun 27)11:30 amFollow the Leader for FamiliesMixing it Up in Modern and Contemporary

28jun(jun 28)10:00 am(jun 28)10:00 amFeaturedDeeper Dives

28jun(jun 28)1:00 pm(jun 28)1:00 pmFeaturedFree-Diving

09jul(jul 9)10:15 am(jul 9)10:15 amFeatured3ft Deep

10jul(jul 10)10:00 am(jul 10)10:00 amFeaturedWorkLAB Studio

11jul(jul 11)10:30 am(jul 11)10:30 amFeaturedArtists & Authors

11jul(jul 11)11:30 am(jul 11)11:30 amFollow the Leader for FamiliesExplore the European Collection

12jul(jul 12)10:00 am(jul 12)10:00 amFeaturedDeeper Dives

12jul(jul 12)1:00 pm(jul 12)1:00 pmFeaturedFree-Diving

16jul(jul 16)10:15 am(jul 16)10:15 amFeatured3ft Deep

17jul10:00 am2:00 pmFeaturedWorkLAB Studio

18jul(jul 18)10:30 am(jul 18)10:30 amFeaturedArtists & Authors

18jul(jul 18)11:30 am(jul 18)11:30 amFollow the Leader for FamiliesMixing it Up in Modern and Contemporary

19jul(jul 19)10:00 am(jul 19)10:00 amFeaturedDeeper Dives

19jul(jul 19)1:00 pm(jul 19)1:00 pmFeaturedFree-Diving

23jul(jul 23)10:15 am(jul 23)10:15 amFeatured3ft Deep

24jul(jul 24)10:00 am(jul 24)10:00 amFeaturedWorkLAB Studio

25jul(jul 25)10:30 am(jul 25)10:30 amFeaturedArtists & Authors

25jul(jul 25)11:30 am(jul 25)11:30 amFollow the Leader for FamiliesExplore the European Collection

26jul(jul 26)10:00 am(jul 26)10:00 amFeaturedDeeper Dives

26jul(jul 26)1:00 pm(jul 26)1:00 pmFeaturedFree-Diving

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Enjoy free access to exhibits and activities at Austin-area museums! We’re one of over 30 other institutions participating, learn more here.

Gallery visitors taking photos of art on their phones.

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