The Latest at the Blanton

Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin

June 30, 2000 | Blanton Museum of Art

This past February, the Blanton announced that it had acquired and will construct Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin, a 73 x 60 foot stone building to be sited on the grounds of the museum. The stand-alone structure, singular to Kelly’s career, comprises a 2,715-square-foot stone building with luminous colored glass windows, a totemic wood sculpture, and fourteen black-and-white stone panels in marble, all designed by the artist. Once constructed, the work will become part of the Blanton’s permanent collection.
July 9 – October 15, 2017

Comprising 91 Indian paintings from the renowned Edwin Binney 3rd Collection at the San Diego Museum of Art, this exhibition and the accompanying catalogue will introduce audiences to beloved characters such as Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Krishna, and the great Persian hero Rostam—as well as an assortment of powerful demons and deadly beasts. Audiences will also learn the basic tools for reading and understanding Indian paintings. The paintings will be organized by text: Ramayana, Bhagavata Purana, Ragamala, and Persian-language works such as the Book of Kings, Shahnama. While most of these “miniature” paintings depict scenes of epic adventure, images related to the Ragamala convey the emotions carried through music, as told through the stories of lovers. This exhibition is organized by the San Diego Museum of Art.

Nina Katchadourian: Curiouser

June 30, 2000 | Blanton Museum of Art

March 12 – June 11, 2017

This mid-career survey will present approximately ten major bodies of work by Brooklyn-based artist Nina Katchadourian. The exhibition will feature photography, video, sculpture, sound art, and performance, and will be accompanied by the first substantial catalogue devoted to her career. Highlights include selections from the artist’s ongoing “Seat Assignment” project—photographs and videos made on airplane flights using her mobile phone—and Accent Elimination, her acclaimed 2005 video about her complex family heritage, exhibited in the 2015 Venice Biennale and recently acquired by the Blanton. In Katchadourian’s own words, her work reveals the creative potential that “lurks within the mundane” and underscores the remarkable freedom and productivity that can come from working within limitations. Using ingenuity and humor, her work encourages us to rethink a wide range of assumptions, from our capacity for curiosity and creativity to our place in an increasingly global world. This exhibition is organized by the Blanton Museum of Art. Generous support for the exhibition and accompanying catalogue is provided by Nion McEvoy, with additional support from the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation.

You Belong Here: Reimagining the Blanton

June 30, 2000 | Blanton Museum of Art

Opening February 2017
In February 2017 the Blanton will unveil a complete reinstallation of its permanent collection titled You Belong Here: Reimagining the Blanton. Featuring nearly twice as many artworks as were on view previously, including new acquisitions and works that have rarely or never been displayed, the presentation will offer visitors a fresh experience with the museum’s holdings.