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To release the imagination is to release the power of empathy, to become more present to those around, perhaps to care.

Maxine Greene (1917-2014), Educational Philosopher, Columbia University

Teaching and learning are central to the Blanton’s mission.  Our team of educators—community volunteers, Graduate Teaching Fellows, and professionals—warmly welcomes all visitors, and designs learning experiences that respond to different learning styles, developmental stages, and curricular goals.  We believe that art matters in people’s lives, and that skills associated with close looking and interpretation contribute to creativity, critical analysis, and community.

Have feedback and/or suggestions about our events or resources? Email education@blantonmuseum.org

Our Resources

three images; a woman wearing a green "Austin's Blanton Museum of Art" t-shirt; a group of students listening to another woman talk; a group of kids laying on the ground in a circle

Your Learning at the Blanton experience can start online or in person!

Digital Resources
Explore resources created by our team of educators, artists and designers to support student learning and complement in-person guided visits. A wide selection of videos, guides, and more are available for University and PK-12 educators and students. Click on the buttons below to access these resources, as well as information about guided visits and tours.

Upcoming Education Events

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Our Education Team

Our educators helped create the multiple digital resources available to explore and lead many in-person visits, ensuring quality, thoughtful learning experiences can be accessed by all.

  • Carlen Pool Floyd, Museum Educator, School Programs
  • Siobhán McCusker, Museum Educator, University Audiences
  • Maggie Martino Fucile, Museum Educator, Docents, Families, and Schools
  • Jessica Gelarden, Coordinator of Group Visits
  • Jenn Rosario, Administrative Manager of Education
  • Ray Williams, Director of Education and Academic Affairs
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