The Latest at the Blanton

A woman wearing a mask standing in front of a large abstract artwork

As you enter the first gallery of Expanding Abstraction: Pushing the Boundaries of Painting in the Americas, 1958–1983 titled “Emphatic Gestures,” the first painting you encounter across the room is the largest work in the show and one of the most striking. One of the newest additions to the museum’s collection and making its debut…


horizontal format print; text along top reads "1920 League of Women Voters 1970"; below is a grid of geometric squares shifting from yellow (left) to orange (right)

It is hard to mark exactly when and how to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States. The 19th Amendment, which prohibits the states and federal government from denying the right to vote on the basis of sex, was first passed in the US Senate on June 4, 1919. It took…


First panel of a comic titled "Greetings, Visitor!" that features a small character holds a ruler, a paint brush, and some paper while dragging a tote bag filled with more supplies

Meet “Riri” (short for Galerie), sharing her musings on life in and around the Blanton Museum of Art. This blog post will be updated with new comics so stay tuned!

blanton museum shop interior - shelves, tables and windows full of colorful merchandise

A trip to the Blanton is incomplete without a visit to our popular Museum Shop, filled with gift shop treasures to delight art fans of all ages. While our doors are still closed, we asked our Store Manager and Buyer Justin O’Connor to share some of her favorite gift items so you can still shop…