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Modern & Contemporary Art

Modern & Contemporary Art The Blanton’s collection features more than 4,000 paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, and works in new media that together trace the achievement in American art from 1875 to the present day. It contains a large number of paintings of the American West as well as significant examples of works from the Ashcan …

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Kicking up dust

Visions of the American West CHAPTER 5: Kicking up dust Chapters If they weren’t painting craggy mountains or wide–open fields, artists in the AmericanWest were most likely trying to capture the athleticism of animals. The Charge [A Cavalry Scrap] by Frederic Sackrider Remington is an apt example: though the staggering canvas depicts a horde of horsemen, the horses themselves are the clear stars …

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Hard times in the American West

Visions of the American West CHAPTER 4: Hard times in the American West Chapters It’s no secret that life on the frontier in the early- and mid-nineteenth century was difficult. Landscapes transformed, families dispersed, and loved ones were lost. While William Gilbert Gaul’s The Land of the Free places such suffering at center stage, other works—like Worthington …

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Painting the American sublime

Visions of the American West CHAPTER 3: Painting the American sublime Chapters For artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, and Thomas Hill, the American West was a vast frontier of epic scale, with seemingly endless horizons and equally infinite possibilities. These artists’ common belief in sublime experience—a concept borne from German Romanticism—is made manifest …

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