WorkSpace: Anna Craycroft: Subject of Learning / Object of Study


WorkSpace: Anna Craycroft: Subject of Learning / Object of Study

March 05, 2010
October 17, 2010

About the Exhibition

March 5, 2010 – October 17, 2010

Visit the UOIEA Web site created by Anna Craycroft specifically for this exhibition.

For the latest exhibition in the Blanton’s WorkSpace series, Brooklyn-based artist Anna Craycroft mines the aesthetic languages of 19th-century educational design and 20th-century artistic practice to create an installation that playfully reorganizes the symbolic languages of both pedagogy and museology. Taking form in a variety of mediums and materials across three contiguous spaces of the museum—the WorkSpace Gallery, the museum’s educational center and a corridor—each element of The Subject of Learning/Object of Study articulates different aspects of the classroom and its tools. Together, each component is one part of a world that invites viewers to locate and reconsider our place within the architecture and geography of didactic spaces, including the classroom, the library, the gallery, the museum and the university. The installation is activated by a series of workshops and programs led by Craycroft and invited guests from Austin’s community through the duration of the exhibition.

Anna Craycroft

Craycroft received an MFA from Columbia University in 2004. She has been included numerous group exhibitions including the 2005 “Greater New York” show at PS1, and “Freedom: American Sculpture” at Den Haag Sculptuur, The Hague. Solo exhibitions include “The Agency of the Orphan” in 2008 at Tracy Williams, Ltd., New York, “The Intimate Furnishings of Ignis Fatuus” at Le Case D’Arte, Milan, Italy, in 2005 and “Staging the Phenomenal Character” a solo exhibition in conjunction with a performance series she curated in 2009.

WorkSpace at The Blanton

WorkSpace showcases cutting-edge developments in the work of emerging and established contemporary artists on the museum’s second floor, serving as a coda to the modern and contemporary collection galleries. The exhibitions that result from these artistic investigations provide Blanton visitors ever-changing glimpses into the art of the present moment.

WorkSpace: Anna Craycroft: Subject of Learning/Object of Study is generously supported by the following members of the Blanton Contemporary Salon.

Contemporary Connoisseur

Melissa Jones and Jeanne and Michael Klein

Contemporary Aficionado

Suzanne and David Booth, Chula Reynolds and Sophia Collier, Lora Reynolds and Quincy Lee, and Julie and John Thornton 

Contemporary Devotee

Ellen and David Berman, Dan Bullock, Sarah and Ernest Butler, Michael Chesser, Cissie Ferguson, Jennifer E. Finlay, Minerva Gonzalez, Deborah Green, Barbara Horan, Chris Mattsson and John McHale, Amanda and Brad Nelsen, Pamela Quinn, John Robertson, Cheryl and John Sauder, and Anonymous donor

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