10 Back to School Must-Haves for Creatives

10 Back to School Must-Haves for Creatives

August 3, 2018 by Lizabel Stella

August in Texas means scorching summer heat and vacation mode for many, but for students everywhere, it’s a return to textbooks and class-hopping.  So what better way to inspire studies than with some back-to-school shopping! From a shiny new coffee mug to delightful dorm décor, the Blanton Museum Shop has got you covered.

Here are our 10 back-to-school items that we think should be on every creative student’s list.

1. Coffee Mugs

Our shop has mugs for every occasion: late-night study sessions, 8 a.m. wake-up calls, and mid-day caffeine crashes. Boost your energy and focus with the bright, powerful Guerrilla Girls mug or kick-start your creativity with the artist visage mugs.

2. Art socks

Large school campuses and schedules that have you zipping from one end to the other require comfy footwear. Dress up your sneakers with these bold art socks- you’ll be sure to get noticed for both your style and sensibility.

3. Notebooks

The most boring of classes are made livelier when you have a fun notebook to keep you awake and alert. We’re not saying cool notebooks will improve your scores in O-Chem or Government, but we’re not denying it either.

4. Photo Mobile

Many students are familiar with the never-ending dorm décor debate: how can you display all of your photos, polaroids, and postcards in a fresh, unique way? This fun photo mobile may be the answer. Imagine your room swirling with your favorite images, providing a fun visual distraction for your creative mind.

5. Enamel pins

Whether you opt for a backpack or a tote bag, there are many ways to express your personality when carrying your things around. Adding an array of enamel pins to your book bag is one way to set yourself apart from the crowd. The Salvador Dalí pin says that you’re passionate and a little wacky, while the Frida Kahlo pin says that you’re courageous and loving.

6. Tattly Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin temporary tattoos

The beauty about temporary tattoos is that they ARE temporary!  Let your creativity run wild as you contemplate the places you will adorn with these wonderful custom-made designs by Tattly of Ellsworth Kelly’s permanent installation Austin.  

7. The Thinker Pencil Sharpener

Let your mind wander along with this unique sharpener by Kikkerland inspired by Auguste Rodin’s, The Thinker.  You never know what genius project ideas it may spark.

8. Andy Warhol Philosophy Pen Set

Enlighten your mind with the wit and wisdom of Warhol, presented to you in the form of these colorful ballpoint pens.  Ideal emergency quotes for philosophical debates or conversation-starters.

9. Critter Wind-ups

These wind-up critters designed by Brazil-born Chico Bicalho function as both frivolous toys and funky décor. You can wind them up when you’re in need of a few minutes of procrastination or use them as photo clips to line up along your desk.

10. Blanton Pencils

The mighty pencil is the go-to tool for many reasons.  Whether doodling or taking notes, we have a kaleidoscope of eraser colors to match your mood and with the Blanton brand, you’ll always be reminded of your favorite local arts institution.

Written by Lizabel Stella, Social Media & Digital Content Manager and Emily Henderson, 2018 Graduate of The University of Texas at Austin

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