In the projected video, FOLD (2010), a grid of twelve-by-eight frames captures the Indian-born, San Francisco-based artist Surabhi Saraf in jeans and a white shirt as she folds laundry on the couch. Through color, sound, repetition, fragmentation, and multiplication, Saraf turns a prosaic activity into a captivating visual and sonic experience. With a background in experimental sound and classical Indian music, Saraf creates audio and video installations that slow down our perception of time.

Read more about FOLD on Surabhi Saraf’s website.

Image credit:
Surabhi Saraf
Still from FOLD (detail), 2010
1080 high-definition video with sound, 7:36 minutes
Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin, Purchase through the generosity of the Houston Endowment, Inc., in honor of Melissa Jones, 2015