Minyma Kutjarra (Two Sisters Creation Story) is about the journey of two ancestral sisters. The two sisters, symbolized by small black ‘U’ shapes, reassure each other and celebrate along the way back to their homeland. The red circles indicate sites, camps, ceremonial grounds, and freshwater holes that they pass along the way. A line of small concentric circles down the right side of the canvas suggests a row of desert oak trees in the lush, blooming landscape.

The Language of Symbols in “Ancestral Modern”

The Language of Symbols in “Ancestral Modern” June 14, 2018 by Emily Henderson Back to Blog This summer, the Blanton presents Ancestral Modern: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Kaplan & Levi Collection, an exhibition that offers an important portal into the worlds of contemporary indigenous Australian artists and their use of rich visual languages and symbolism to […]

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