Post-war historical/economic context (1950s)

The Cold War in Latin America: Art and Politics

CHAPTER 2: Post-war historical/economic context (1950s)

Latin America was spared the widespread destruction of World War II. After the war ended, many nations in the region enjoyed a period of relative prosperity, as economic growth and increasing industrialization offered a sense of optimism for the future. Modernism became a leading force shaping large urbanization projects in rapidly expanding cities. The utopian possibilities of modernism inspired various forms of abstraction from artists throughout Latin America.

Many artists saw in modern industry a source of inspiration.

Brazilian modernism reached its height in the development of the new capital city of Brasilia, where futuristic architecture was inspired by abstract art.

International abstraction shaped the design of University City in Caracas, the main Campus of the Central University of Venezuela, which featured the art of leading Venezuelan and European artists side by side.

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