Paid parking is available in the Brazos Parking Garage. The Blanton offers $4 discounted parking; bring your ticket to the Museum Pop-Up in our atrium to pay. Please note, the Museum Pop-Up is only able to process credit and debit card transactions at this time; no cash is accepted.

The Trinity Garage is three blocks from the museum on the corner of MLK and Trinity and is the closest UT Garage to the museum if the Brazos Garage is full.

Please note that there is no parking in either the Trinity or Brazos garages on UT home football game days. On home volleyball game days, the Brazos Garage will charge a prepaid $15 cash admission fee. On these dates during select hours, the Blanton’s typical discounted garage rate will not be available.

For more information on parking please call 512.471.5482 or email

Main Entrance

Located on the west side of the building, the main entrance of the Blanton is wheelchair accessible. Visitors are welcome to drop off guests at the corner of Brazos Street and Jester Circle. Visitors arriving from The University of Texas Campus may access The Blanton in front of the Jester Center on Speedway.

Accessible Drop-Off

An accessible drop-off ramp is located close to the museum’s front entrance on the north side of the building. To get to the drop-off from Brazos Street turn left onto Jester Circle. The accessible drop-off is on the left. Please call the Visitor Services Desk at 512.471.5482 if you need assistance dropping off a visitor.


All public areas of the museum are wheelchair accessible, including the galleries, elevators, and restroom facilities.

The main entrance is also wheelchair accessible. The museum has a spacious elevator to provide access to the second floor. Gallery Assistants are stationed throughout the galleries and can offer assistance as needed. Standard telephones are available in case of emergency.


We believe that our web site meets or exceeds the UT Web Accessibility Policy. If you are a person with a disability and have trouble using our web site, please send us an email at

For more information about the Blanton’s accessibility, please contact the Visitor Services Office at 512.232.7736 or