Accessibility & Amenities

Paid parking is available for persons with disabilities in all garages for a fee. $4 discounted parking is available at the Brazos Garage: Present your ticket for payment at the Visitor Services Desk.  Credit and debit card only (no cash).

The Trinity Garage is three blocks from the museum on the corner of MLK and Trinity and is the closest UT Garage to the museum if the Brazos Garage is full. More information on UT parking garage access for visitors with disabilities can be found here.

Please note that there is no parking in either the Trinity or Brazos garages on UT home football game days. On home volleyball game days, the Brazos Garage will charge a prepaid $15 cash admission fee.

For more information on parking please call 512.471.5482 or email

Download Parking Map

Main Entrance

Located on the west side of the building, the main entrance of the Blanton is wheelchair accessible. Visitors are welcome to drop off guests at the corner of Brazos Street and Jester Circle. Visitors arriving from The University of Texas Campus may access The Blanton in front of the Jester Center on Speedway.

Accessible Drop-Off

An accessible drop-off ramp is located close to the museum’s front entrance on the north side of the building. To get to the drop-off from Brazos Street turn left onto Jester Circle. The accessible drop-off is on the left. Please call the Visitor Services Desk at 512.471.5482 if you need assistance dropping off a visitor.


Restrooms for all genders and visitors with limited mobility can be accessed on the ground floor of the Michener building, across from the Visitor Services Desk. Baby-changing facilities are also accessible in these locations. Ask a member of our Visitors Services team or a Gallery Assistant for help locating them or refer to our map here.


  • Changing tables are located in all restrooms; there are no restrooms or changing areas on the second floor.
  • Bags larger than 11 x 15 inches, including diaper bags, are not allowed in the galleries. Lockers are available on the ground floor.
  • No baby backpacks or large-framed child carriers, please. Soft frontpacks and strollers are allowed in the museum.
  • No snacks, drinks, or toys are allowed in the galleries.
  • Some art in the museum contains content or ideas of an adult nature. If you are visiting with small children, feel free to ask our Visitor Services team or Gallery Assistants for further information about adult content in the galleries.
  • If you have questions, please call the Visitor Services Desk at 512-471-5482.
  • Only service animals are permitted in the building. In accordance with The University of Texas at Austin’s policy, “service animal must have been trained as a service animal in the work or tasks directly related to the person’s disability.” We ask that service animals are harnessed, leashed, or tethered to their accompanying individual. An individual with a service animal in training may also enter the building, subject to meeting the requirements in section VII.C of UT’s policy.
  • Emotional support animals are not permitted inside any university buildings. The University of Texas at Austin’s policy specifies, “An emotional support animal is permitted on campus grounds and to accompany an individual into his or her University assigned residence in accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. However, a support animal is not allowed to accompany the individual into his or her residential dining center or into any other University building.”

Read The University of Texas at Austin’s policy in full here.

Map of Museum Grounds, Exhibition Spaces, and Facility Locations

Map of all Gender Inclusive Restrooms On Campus 

Map of all Lactation / Quiet Room Locations On Campus (please note that accessibility to all visitors to each building varies. We encourage you to contact the room contact listed prior to use.

We’re pleased to offer a cellphone tour for visitors to Ellsworth Kelly’s Austin. Learn more about the tour here.

We believe that our website meets or exceeds the UT Web Accessibility Policy. If you are a person with a disability and have trouble using our web site, please send us an email at

For more information about the Blanton’s accessibility, please contact the Visitor Services Office at 512.232.7736 or