Group Visits & Tours

Group Visits & Tours

The Blanton is pleased to offer a limited number of in-person group visits. To ensure we can accommodate your group, please contact us to make a request in advance.

School Group Visits

The Blanton’s school group visits aim to inspire curiosity and foster lifelong relationships between students and the art through interactive, inquiry-based explorations of art. In addition to in-person guided visits, the Blanton’s education department has developed a range of digital resources to support classroom and at-home learning. Learn more on our PK-12 Resources page.

Gallery Lesson Offerings

The Blanton is pleased to offer gallery lessons that focus on a variety of curricular topics ranging from literacy to social justice. Each guided lesson typically addresses Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS). Our most popular guided visits include:

Overview for all ages. Travel through the Blanton’s diverse collection, traversing time and space. Recommended for all grades as an introduction to considering art and ideas.

Designed for grades 3-8, but adaptable for all ages. Works of art from the Blanton’s collection will evoke empathy and inspire thoughtful conversation about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) topics, including responsibility, respect, safety, self, and collaboration.

Designed for grades 3-12, but adaptable for all ages. Discover connections between the visual language of art and the power of words while exploring the Blanton’s diverse collection. Students practice literacy skills (listening, speaking, thinking, reading, and writing) as they uncover multiple meanings, discover new perspectives, and create rich narratives through the shared creative experience of art and language.

Designed for grades 2-5. Look at art through the lens of science! Explore creative connections between art and STEM principles throughout the Blanton’s collection. The Inquiring Minds guided visit encourages students to observe, question, connect, imagine, problem-solve, and form conclusions while considering age-appropriate STEM concepts. Students employ critical thinking and visual literacy skills transferable to multiple curricular areas.

Designed for grades 7-12. Students will explore how artists use their work to spark conversations about issues important to them – and to individuals, schools, communities, our nation, and our world. This guided lesson will encourage students to look closely at artworks, exchange ideas about experiences connected to the art, and respond through writing, creative
storytelling, or creating their own art.

Designed for grades PK-2. This gallery lesson integrates visual literacy skills with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to link early childhood education concepts to students’ first
experiences in a museum setting.

Visit Times

Hour-long gallery lessons are available to school groups with at least two weeks advance notice. (Our schedule fills quickly, so booking early is advised.) We can accommodate a maximum of 60 students (and required chaperones*) Tuesday-Friday at 10:00am, 11:00am and 1:00pm.

To request a guided visit for your school, please complete the K-12 Group Visit Request form below.

*1 chaperone is required for every 8 students.


School group visits are $5 per student, including on Tuesdays. Required chaperones and teachers accompanying the group are free. For planning purposes, teachers always receive free admission upon presentation of a school ID. Additional adults pay the general admission price of $15.

Drop Off & Parking

The Museum Drop-Off is on the east side of the museum building, directly across from Brazos Garage. Buses should plan to drop off students at this area. Students will then follow a short pathway to the entrance to the museum.

Bus parking near the Blanton is extremely limited. Please plan ahead.

Chaperones can park in the Brazos Garage to the east of the museum. Garage rates will apply.

A map of the Blanton Museum of Art's grounds and museum buildings.
A map of the Blanton’s grounds and museum buildings. Click on the image to view a mobile-friendly PDF of our Visitor Map & Guide.

University of Texas Classes & Groups

Student, staff, and faculty groups are welcome to explore the museum through self-guided visits or guided visits. Blanton Educators are available to collaborate with faculty to create custom class visits to suit curricular needs and course objectives. In addition to in-person guided visits, the Blanton’s education department has developed a range of digital resources to support classroom learning. Learn more on our University Resources page.

Visit Times

University group visits are available Tuesday-Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm, with a maximum of 60 visitors per group.

Custom Guided UT Group Visits:

Self-Guided UT Group Visits:

If your college class/group is not affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin, please fill out the Adult and Non-UT College Group Visit Request Form.


Self-guided and guided visits for current University of Texas faculty, staff and students are free of charge.


Student attendance must be mandatory for guided class visits. Professors and/or TAs are required to accompany their students on guided class visits.

Adults and Other Area College & University Group Visits

The Blanton provides several visit options for adults and students outside of the UT System.

Visit Times

Adult groups may request a guided visit on Tuesday-Friday afternoons with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 visitors per group. To request a guided or self-guided visit for your adult or non-UT university group, please complete the Visit Request Form.

Visit Types

Overview Visit: Features highlights of the collection with stops in the museum’s Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries, European Paintings Galleries, and Prints and Drawings Galleries. This guided visit surveys inspiring artworks spanning the Italian Renaissance to the cutting-edge contemporary art of North America and Latin America.

Permanent Collection Visit: An in-depth exploration of either the European Painting Galleries or the Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries.

Special Exhibition Visit: An engaging look at one of the Blanton’s special exhibitions.


Admission for a Guided Visit is $20 for adults, $17 for seniors (65+), and $13 for youth and college ID holders. For members, admission is $5. Admission includes your guided visit and access to “Austin” by Ellsworth Kelly. Donations are welcome.

Team-Building Workshops

Is your organization looking for fresh ways to inspire and empower internal teams?

Are you and your colleagues seeking creative activities to encourage thoughtful interaction and improve communication?

Our staff development workshops and customized retreats will provide an invaluable experience for workgroups in the corporate, technology, health, and non-profit sectors.  Sample workshops include:

  • Team Dynamics and Communication
  • Different Ways of Thinking: From the Critical to the Creative
  • Building Community around Shared Values and Stories
  • Resilience and Well-being
  • Playful Challenges

For more information or to request a workshop, please contact Ray Williams, Director of Education and Academic Affairs, ray.williams@blantonmuseum.org

Learn more about the art on view on a public tour! Tours are available in English and Spanish and included with museum admission (upcoming dates/times listed below). Our galleries change regularly so you will always see something new on every visit. Check in with the Check-In Desk to secure your place.


2024sat25may5:30 pmPublic Tour - Contemporary Artists at the BlantonEnjoy a gallery teacher-led tour around the Blanton!

2024sun26may3:00 pmPublic Tour - The Floating World: Masterpieces of Edo JapanGet more out of your art experience on this gallery teacher-led tour.

2024tue28may12:30 pmPublic Tour - Anni Albers: In Thread and On PaperGet more out of your art experience on this gallery teacher-led tour.

2024sat01jun5:30 pmPublic Tour - Paper Vault: Meet Melecio GalvánEnjoy a gallery teacher-led tour of our Paper Vault show.

2024sun02jun3:00 pmPublic Tour - Anni Albers: In Thread and On PaperGet more out of your art experience on this gallery teacher-led tour.


2024sun02jun1:30 pmVisita guiada [EN ESPAÑOL] - Anni Albers: En hilo y sobre papelSaque más partido a su experiencia artística en esta visita guiada por un docente.

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