Digital Platforms in “Making Africa”: From the Continent to the World

Digital Platforms in “Making Africa”: From the Continent to the World

January 3, 2019 by Lizabel Stella

One of the most exciting aspects of our current exhibition Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design is how it combines creative work across mediums—from fashion to furniture, photography to websites and apps—to show the many forms design can take, shifting and responding to economic, social, and political change on the continent and beyond. Below are some of the web-based works showcased in Making Africa; be sure to stop by to see the exhibition before it closes on January 6, 2019!

Jody Brand, Chomma


Photographer Jody Brand’s blog, named after a slang term for “friend,” offers a window into contemporary South African youth culture.

Unathi Mkonto, Wembley Roadhouse, Athlone, Cape Town, 2017.

Brian Shimkovitz, Awesome Tapes from Africa


This online music repository makes analog recordings from across the continent available digitally to listeners around the world.

Aster Aweke, featured on Aweseome Tapes from Africa.

Rebecca Chiao, Engy Ghozlan, Amel Fahmy, and Sawsan Gad, HarassMap


This Cairo-based mapping tool seeks to end social acceptance of sexual harassment by allowing users to report street harassment and assault in real time, using crowd-sourced mapping and SMS texting tools developed in Kenya.

Screenshot from HarrassMap website.

Pierre-Christophe Gam, Taali M


Art director Pierre-Christophe Gam fused brightly colored graphics with imagery evocative of ancient African kingdoms to create a virtual home for singer-songwriter Taali M, who guides visitors through the website’s pages.

Screenshot image from Taali M website created by Pierre-Christophe Gam. The image features singer-songwriter Taali M who is staring out at the viewer with their fingers on their temples
Pierre-Christophe Gam, Taali M, 2012, website ©Pierre-Christophe Gam.

Leti Arts, Africa’s Legends: The True Ananse


Africa’s Legends is a series of digital comics and mobile games that feature characters drawn from African history and folklore—such as Kweku Ananse, a Ghanaian spirit of trickery and cunning—reimagined as modern superheroes.

Characters featured on the website.

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