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Draw It Like You See It

Colored drawings of Blanton collection printed on gift cards. Top (left to right): Oil Field Girls, Romance, 16th cent. Portrait of a Gentleman, Portrait Bust of a Bearded Man.
Draw It Like You See It November 7, 2016 by Andrea Saenz Williams Back to Blog Sometime last spring, Ray Williams, the Blanton’s Director of Education was looking for a …

Apply to be a Blanton Gallery Teacher!

One weekday morning, imagine you are strolling through the Blanton. As you look around, you notice groups of school children touring the galleries. You can …

Curating “Goya: Mad Reason”

Working on Goya: Mad Reason, the artist’s prints and paintings—art I have long known—worked upon me. The depth of understanding and feeling for Goya’s art …

Behind the Blanton: Carter E. Foster

In May, the Blanton announced that Carter E. Foster would join the museum as Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Prints and Drawings. …

Behind the Blanton: Alie Cline

If you follow the Blanton on social media, you might have interacted with Alie Cline—she’s the voice of the museum online as the Digital Content …
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