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Wangechi Mutu, The End of eating Everything (video still). Strange figure with a womans face and flowing snake like hair, in front of her are a swarm of birds

The partnership between artist and musician is always a fascinating relationship to observe, especially when the results become iconic album covers, astounding museum exhibitions, and monumental musical performances. In celebration of the opening of Wangechi Mutu’s The End of eating Everything featuring singer/producer Santigold, check out five other fantastic collaborations that have resulted in these inspiring…


Image of Gallery space with two paintings by Vincent Valdez: The City I, The City II,

“This work is not controversial. It’s truth and reality—just uncomfortable (for most) and revealing.” “Moved and honestly terrified as a gay Latino from a small town.” “It really bothered me to see women in this painting. I’ll be thinking about that for some time.” “Thank you for taking responsibility in a way that museums in…


seven black pencils stamped with the blanton logo, each with a different brightly colored eraser

August in Texas means scorching summer heat and vacation mode for many, but for students everywhere, it’s a return to textbooks and class-hopping.  So what better way to inspire studies than with some back-to-school shopping! From a shiny new coffee mug to delightful dorm décor, the Blanton Museum Shop has got you covered. Here are our…


Framed lithograph and letterpress on woven paper of a series of four labels. They come with a set of instructions inviting recipients to affix the labels to anything they consider worthy of art status. All text in Spanish

Studious visitors to the PaperVault’s current exhibition, From the Page to the Street: Latin American Conceptualism might notice a curious image tucked into an object label on the wall. A family of four stands in a row, backsides to the camera, wearing nothing but sheets of paper pinned to their backs. The sheets, barely legible,…