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Print by Giorgio Vasari titled "Decorative Border with the Portrait of Cosimo Rosselli"

Within the Blanton’s collection of more than 16,000 works on paper, there are two that have never been shown in any exhibition to date, leaving most people unaware of their existence. Both objects are small, measuring no more than eight inches in length or height. The Blanton Museum acquired them in 1998 as part of…


Students from UT’s Dell Medical School viewing art

This post is authored by Ray Williams, the Blanton’s director of education and academic affairs. For more than a decade now I have had the opportunity to participate as a museum educator in an emerging national trend of collaboration between medical schools and art museums.  Initial experiments at Yale and Columbia focused on honing observation…


An ad for hashtag 5 Women Artists. The backs of 3 women's heads

Women artists are everywhere, but it’s through the important work of curators, writers, and international institutions, to name a few, that we actually get to learn about them and their work. Since 2016, the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) have been asking the public through social media each March during Women’s History Month…


Exhibition View: Ideas in Sensuous Form

Deep in the Blanton Museum of Art’s exhibition Ideas in Sensuous Form: The International Symbolist Movement, chaste virgins and conniving femmes fatales peer from the bounds of black frames, generating a Symbolist ambiance of desire and mystery. To complement the atmospheric artworks, Claire Howard, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, created a luxurious, immersive gallery…