The Latest at the Blanton

Screenshot image from Taali M website created by Pierre-Christophe Gam. The image features singer-songwriter Taali M who is staring out at the viewer with their fingers on their temples

One of the most exciting aspects of our current exhibition Making Africa: A Continent of Contemporary Design is how it combines creative work across mediums—from fashion to furniture, photography to websites and apps—to show the many forms design can take, shifting and responding to economic, social, and political change on the continent and beyond. Below…


Installation view of colorful garments hanging from the ceiling shown in the exhibition Jeffrey Gibson: This is the Day

Planning your cultural calendar can be a challenging task with all the things-to-do and must-see events happening in Austin, Texas throughout the year. So we wanted to save you some time by listing nine notable exhibitions opening at the Blanton in 2019 that you won’t want to miss. From the colorful artworks created by a genre-bridging Choctaw-Cherokee…


Screenprint by Hyman Warsager, titled "Winter Scene", depicting a snowy landscape and people skating on a frozen pond

This Third Thursday, December 20, join us for a pop-up exhibition of winter scenes from the Blanton’s collection. The works cover the sixteenth to twentieth century in Europe and America, and range from allegorical depictions of the season to snowy landscapes and winter entertainments. Artists have been inspired by ice skating since at least the…


two visitors working on mindful weaving

In a corner of the museum known as the “Meredith Lounge,” located between our Film & Video gallery and Latin American Art galleries, visitors may have noticed a square wooden structure filled with small cubes adorned with colorful yarn.  This interactive project titled Mindful Weaving invites Blanton visitors to engage their creative minds and weave designs at their…