Oscar Muñoz: Chronology

By Florencia Bazzano, Assistant Curator of Latin American Art, Blanton Museum of Art

This chronological framework seeks to contextualize Oscar Muñoz’s work in relation to key artistic, cultural, and historical events that have taken place in Cali (where he resides) and in Colombia at large since the late 1940s. For many decades, Muñoz has maintained an extraordinary artistic practice in Cali under remarkably challenging circumstances. A complex and long-lasting civil war that has involved the government, armed insurgents, and drug traffickers has contributed to shape the work of many Colombian artists. Resisting with his work and his cultural activities the numbness that never-ending violence can produce, Muñoz has become an agent of memory and of community support. By organizing the information in three sections—History, Art/Culture, and The Artist—this timeline shows how historical events, artistic and cultural practices, as well as the details of Muñoz’s biography are intrinsically connected and intertwined.

This Chronology was prepared in conjunction with the exhibition Oscar Muñoz: Invisibilia, curated by Vanessa Davidson, Curator of Latin American Art at the Blanton Museum of Art. All the images for this Chronology are by Courtesy of Oscar Muñoz, unless stated otherwise.

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