Art as information

The Art of Communication

CHAPTER 3: Art as information

Conceptual artists pushed the limits of art until it became reduced to an idea that existed in their minds, which they sometimes documented in visual and written forms. Conceptual art emerged from this interest in experimenting with concepts, images, words, and unorthodox materials. In some cases, the artwork becomes a word or a phrase, unifying text and image. Words are presented as if they were visual elements, with care for size, color,and shape, but without losing their ability to signify given meanings. In other cases, the viewer is presented with an image, and given additional written information to interpret the artwork.

Image credit:
Diego Rivera
La maestra rural [The Rural Teacher], 1932 (detail)
The Blanton Museum of Art, The University of Texas at Austin
Archer M. Huntington Museum Fund, 1986

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